Glutamine Powder



An easily consumed powder that consistis of key amino acids to aid digestion and support the gut. The powder can be sprinkled onto food or mixed in with drinks and smoothies.Acts as a conditioner for the outer layer of the intestines and very effective in calming the gut following the consumption of irritants such as spicy food and alcohol.

Benefits: Calms gut inflammation, Maintains a healthy digestive tract lining, and aids appetite management and weight loss, beneficial for those suffering with morning sickness, or to have before you go to sleep after consuming alcohol.

Key Nutrients – 1/4 level teaspoon typically provides: L – Glutamine (900mg).

Suitable for: Those who have consumed alcohol, those in times of stress, good after recovering from a tummy bug for food intolerance, and those during convalescence.

Not suitable for: If you are under medical supervision seek doctors advise before use.

Note: Do not refridgerate


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