Skin Collagen Plus


Skin Collagen Plus


Advanced skin collagen formation duo with two exciting supplement innovations: Skin Collagen Support and Skin Vit C in a convenient duo pack.

Skin Collagen Plus: A premium collagen building supplement.

Benefits: Supports collagen production, prevents collagen breakdown, protects skin from oxidative stress, strengthens capillaries and reduces redness, improves skin elasticity and smoothness, reduces wrinkles and overall contributes to younger looking skin.

Key Nutrients – Per 2 Capsules: Vitamin C (24mg), Zinc (4mg), Grapeseed Extract (115mg), Melon Concentrate (2.4mg), MSM (700mg)

Suitable for: Those who want to fight the signs of ageing, reduce stretch marks, lines, wrinkles and scar tissue. Also great for those with fair skins, those who drink or smoke and have stressful lifestyles.

Precautions: Those who are pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you are under medical supervision please seek doctors advise before use. Avoid is allergy to SOYA is present. Suitable for Vegans.

Skin Vit C

Vitamin C has been known to contribute to the formation of collagen as well as the normal function of the immune system and blood vessel health. Vitamin C is also known to aid in the protection of cells from environmental oxidative stress. Now working in synergy with zinc and acerola berry, this powerful combination provides benefits including: Anti-oxidant protection, inhibits melanin production, photo-protection, vaso-protection, reduced redness, minimised pigmentation by up to 45%, stimulates collagen synthesis 8-fold, stronger hair & nails, lighter, brighter, smoother skin and reduces inflammation.

Key Nutrients – Per 1 Capsule: Vitamin C (500mg), Zinc (2mg), Acerola Berry (55mg)

Suitable for: First signs of ageing, skin challenged by UV/pollution/bacteria/smoking, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, scarring, redness, thread veins, inflammation, Rosacea, bruising, lines and wrinkles.

Precautions: If you are under medical supervision consult your doctor before use. Suitable from Vegans.Gluten free. If you are pregnant, take pregnancy specific nutrients during pregnancy and breast-feeding.


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