Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Ultimate

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Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Ultimate


Skincare ultimate is a Gold standard skincare package that was formulated to support healthy glowing skin, strong shiny hair and to minimise the look of skin ageing. Vitamins A & D, 7 Anti-Oxidants and Omegas 3 & 6 are great for enriching and supporting healthy skin. Astaxanthin and Biotin also aid in supporting strong healthy hair and nails. COQ10 for anti-ageing and Pine Bark Extract  for reducing pigmentation are included to round off the ultimate supplement package for the skin.

Benefits: normalise and repair, protect, hydrate, strong hair and nails, reduce lines and pigmentation.

28 individual tear-off pods containing 5 capsules in each –  1 x Skin Vit A, 1 x Anti-oxidants, 1 x Skin Omegas+, 1 x Astaxanthin and Biotin, 1 x COQ10 and Pine Bark, designed for daily convenience.

Suitable for: age 16plus

Not Suitable for: Pregnancy, planning or breastfeeding.  Caution advised with anti-coagulant medication (Heparin, Warfarin, Coumadin)

Better Value option – 56 days

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