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Rosacea is a long term inflammatory skin condition that causes reddened skin and a rash usually on the nose and cheeks.
The primary features (you may have one or more of these) are:+ Redness coming and going (flushing) or permanent redness

+ Papules & pustules
+ Spider veins
You may also experience secondary features such as
+ Burning or stinging
+ Thick skin
+ Dry appearance
+ Swelling
+ Red, watery and/or bloodshot eyes
+ symptoms in other areas
+ Bumpy thick skin and large pores especially around the nose

The causes of Rosacea are not fully understood but could be attributed to genetics, immune system problems, the Demodex Mite and environmental factors. There are many triggers that may make Rosacea worse, these include:

+ Heavy exercise
+ High & low temperatures, high winds, humidity
+ Food and drink such as caffeine, alcohol, lactose, gluten, etc
+ Stress/anxiety
+ Medication
+ Skincare products
+ Menopause

Rosacea can be treated and managed but not cured. There are a selection of conventional medicines (topical and oral) and treatments (laser, LED) available from your GP and Noo Yoo can also help by providing the correct skincare plan. By providing you with the correct nutrients and topical products, you can manage your Rosacea and keep it under control. In order to supply the correct plan for you, please book in for a consultation to classify your Rosacea and receive the correct guidance.

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et al. launch

Brand new makeup brand et al is available now at Noo Yoo.
10% off this month with code etalintro10 at checkout.

et al. is the makeup that does more. It encompasses both skin health and makeup. This is unique as makeup and science don’t often go hand in hand but these products have been researched and developed to provide a flawless, long-lasting finish with active ingredients supporting skin health. It feels great while you’re wearing it and it will protect and nourish the skin at the same time. Good for you and the planet. Head to the Noo Yoo Shop for more details.

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Summer Promotions

Heliocare – Free Beach bag when you spend £40 or more on Helicare products
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Environ Product Launch

Serience Night Serum
It’s Time to PROTECT, RESET, RELAX. Rejuvinate your skin cell by cell, night after night…It’s almost impossible to avoid stress with the busy lives we lead but stress damages and ages the skin – it causes lines & wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dullness, fatigue, compromises the skin barrier and aggravates existing skin conditions. The benefits are enhanced with a Roll-CIT and/or a DF Mobile Skincare Device.
Bet you can’t wait to get your hands on this one!…
Limited Edition Introductory Offers:
Purchase a DF Mobile Device and receive a free Serience Night Serum
Purchase a Gold Roll-CIT and receive a free Serience Night Serum
Purchase a Cosmetic Roll-CIT and receive 10% off a Serience Night Serum – use code snscit10 at checkout

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Understanding Vitamin A’s role in the Skin

Every skin cell naturally contains about 91% retinyl esters.  The only form that makes any change to skin is retinoic acid that acts on the DNA through various receptors.  Tha natural pathway is Retinyl Palmitate to Retinol to Retinal and finally to Retinoic acid.  The body stores the ester forms until it needs to convert it to retinoic acid. The higher your retinyl ester stores, the less likely you are to develop skin cancer.  Vitamin A is a most precious molecule and the body controls it exceptionally carefully.  Most skins are damaged by light and lose their storage forms of Vitamin A.  Once the stores are filled, the cell starts to work normally again.  Depleted skin must be slowly re-introduced to good levels of Vitamin A.  That is why we start LOW and go SLOW.
By using Environ creams containing active Vitamin A, you will ensure your skin is strong and healthy with a thick epidermis, a compact stratum corneum, a good collagen and elastin structure, a smooth skin surface and an even skin tone. By taking an oral supplement of Vitamin A too, you will feed from the inside too and reach the deepest layers of the skin. Contact us now to arrange a consultation and begin your journey to beautiful skin for a lifetime.