Vita-Antioxidant AVST4 Moisturiser


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This moisturiser is the fourth step in the AVST moisturisers which eventually reach Level 5.  An innovative formulation with active forms of vitamins A, C, E as well as a potent collection of anti-oxidants and peptides all vital for healthy skin.  Designed to normalise and repair skin cells whilst hydrating and combating the visible signs of ageing, environmental attack and collagen deterioration.  An essential daily skin application to achieve beautiful healthy skin.

Suitable for all skin types acclimatised to AVST3.

Key ingredients: Vitamin A, C, E, peptides and antoxidants

Contraindications: Avoid Roaccutane users, if pregnant or planning avoid.

Precautions: Protect skin when waxing; If Under Medical Supervision – OK to use with doctors approval



Pharmaceutical graded ( Cosmeceutical) skincare


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