Anti-Pollution Spritz, Defend against blue light and free radicals


Environ Anti-pollution Spritz

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To protect against outdoor and indoor pollution.
Lightweight, invisible, breathable shield that can be applied underneath and over make-up multiple times a day if needed.
Rebalances the skins microbiome
Blue light free radical defence
Strengthens the skin’s resistance
Supports a healthy-looking skin barrier

Whether you are mainly indoors in front of a screen, constantly exposed to blue light or outdoors exposing your skin to pollutants such as vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke and UV rays, your skin needs cleaning and protecting. Constant exposure to free radicals caused by pollutants can lead to skin sensitivity, allergies, premature ageing, dehydration, discolouration and dull skin. A good skin routine can combat this. Ideal for city dwellers and screen users.

Be good to yourself! Spritz throughout the day.

Scientifically formulated complete protection against the harmful effects of pollution.



Pharmaceutical graded ( Cosmeceutical) skincare

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