Skin Clear Biome – Happy Gut, Clear Skin


Unique probiotic formula to clear skin


Happy Gut – Clear Skin, Improved Confidence and Comfort

A unique formula of probiotics for stressed and problematic skin; in a pilot study, taking one capsule a day, testers reported fewer breakouts, balanced sebum levels and faster healing.

This supplement is for those with hormonal breakouts, problematic skin, blind blemishes, stressed complexions and those suffering with stress, aggravated or compromised skin arising from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, skin in need of balance and skin blemishes linked to a sugary or over indulgent diet and those who have had aa course of antibiotics. This supplement will help to restore and support a normal, healthy gut flora.

Key benefits:
Works from the inside out to clear and clarify complexion
Designed to improve skin quality
Balances the skin’s natural barrier
Targeted action to support problem and stressed skin
Brightens skin
Helps support gut flora
supports skin health and immunity

For stressed skin, combine with Skin Vit C
For occasional breakouts, combine with Skin Vitality
For severe, persistent breakouts, combine with Skin Accumax
For Rosacea, combine with Skin Blue Filter, Skin Vitality, Skin Vit A or Skin Accumax, Skin Vit C

If you already take Skin Youth Biome and you do get breakouts or have an underlying skin condition, you can switch to this or alternate on a monthly basis.
£52.50 for a 2 month supply

RRP £55


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