Glucosamine Plus



A high quality supplement designed to support flexibility and maintain strong healthy joints.

Benefits: improves muscle tone, supports bone health, reduces inflammation of the joints and them firm and strong.

Key Nutrients – per 1 Capsule: MSM (450mg) and Glucosamine HCL (180mg). Also, Vitamin C (30mg), Ginger Rhizome Extract (500mg), Kelp (5mg), Zinc (5mg), Boron (250ug), Nettle Leaf  (75mg), Panax Ginseng (15mg), Copper (250ug), Ginger Root (75mg), and Celery Seed (75mg).

Suitable for: Elderly clients, those who suffer with joint pain or stiffness, those recovering from injury, those with backpain or arthritis, those with osteoporosis, those with RSI and those who need physiotherapy.

Not suitable for: Anyone taking anticoagulant medication e.g Warfin. Not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy. Avoid if allergy to FISH or CRUSTACEANS or CELERY are present. If you are under medical supervision seek doctors advise before use.


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