Pro-Vitality Formula



This 6 supplement daily blisterstrip makes keeping healthy easy for busy individuals. The 6 high quality supplements contains over 47 essential minerals and vitamins. Nutrients include Vitamins A, C and Zinc which contribute to healthy hydrated skin. biotin and Selenium support strong healthy hair and nails whilst key plant extracts, minerals and amino acids support your heart, muscles, bones and energy levels.

Not Suitable for: Avoid if allergic to FISH or SOYA. Products are manufactored on a premises which handles SEASEME SEEDS. Unsuitable for pregnant women or those who are trying to concieve or breastfeeding. Caustion is advised to those prescriped with anticoagulant medications ( Heparin, Warfarin or Coumadin). Not suitable for those with epilepsy or manic depression. Amounts greater than 1000mg of Vitamin C can effect sensitive stomaches. Long term intake of amounts greater than 10mg of Vitamin B6 daily can result in mild tingling and numbness. This product also contains Iron, which can be potentially harmful to small children when taken in excess. Keep out of site and reach of children. If under medical supervision, seek advise from your doctor before use.


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