Omega 3 Fish Oils



A high quality supplement enriched with vital fish oil, as well as EPA and DHA. These fatty acids help to maintain normal vision and brain function, as well as the normal function of the heart. Each batch is screened for pollutants to ensure the supplement contains ingredients of the highest standard. Also helps to reduces Inflammation, promotes a healthy heart, arteries, brain and joints. Omegas are also great for hydrating the skin.

Key Nutrients – per 1 Capsule: Total Fish Oils (1000mg), EPA (180mg), and DHA (120mg).

Suitable for: Those who suffer with dry and sensitive skin. Those who suffer from inflammatory health issues, including inflammation of the skin. Those who are prone to Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Exzema. Great for pregnant women or new mums, and those with poor memory.

Not suitable for: Contains fish oil, Caution is advised to those taking anticoagulant medication (Heparin, Warfin, and Coumadin).  If you are under medical supervision seek doctors advise before use.



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