et al. Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation SPF20


Foundation SPF20

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et al. medium coverage foundation with active ingredients working synergistically to keep your skin hydrated and help protect your skin against harmful rays such as UV, blue light and infrared. Skincare actives include: Blue Shield, FloraGLO Lutein and Hydrachrysum.

+ hydrating & protecting
+ water resistant & long lasting
+ buildable 3D matte finish
+ vegan & planet responsible
+ suitable for all skin types
+ minimises appearance of pores and smooths imperfections

Earth & Impact: Airless pump in a frosted glass bottle containing a collapsable, removable pouch.
How to Recycle: Once empty, separate the pump and bag from the bottle by twisting off the pump and removing this with the attached inner pouch. Recycle the glass with glass and send the pump and pouch back to Noo Yoo to recycle as part of our scheme.

30ml bottle. Available in 32 shades

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et al.

et al. the makeup that does more + powered by science + protects the skin + responsibly produced + 100% vegan + planet responsible
et al. where science meets artistry + ingredients of the highest quality + ethically and sustainably sourced Functional levels of actives that work in synergy + eco/soil association-certified preservatives only