Biome Powder


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This broad spectrum pro-biotic powder helps to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut, supporting digestion and combating the loss of natural flora. It’s powder form means it can be sprinkled on top of  food or added to drinks and smoothies. Unhealthy digestion can lead you to start feeling sluggish, and can effect your skin, hair, nails as well as your overall health.

Benefits: Aids digestion, supports immune function of the gut and combats the loss of natural flora.

Key Nutrients – 1/4 level teaspoon typically provides: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidus Infantis, Longum, Brevis (16mg) in the order of millions of viable organisms at the time of manufacture).

Suitable for: Those undergoing times of stress, those suffering from consitpation or inflammation of the bowl, those who have recently had an infection, those who have recently taken antibiotics, those who suffer from food poisoning, thrush, or those who are pregnant and suffer from bloating.



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